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Travis Savo

Disruptive Tech Blog

About Travis

Travis Savo is an expert technologist and serial entrepreneur with 30+ years of experience. Known as Sensei Kevlar on YouTube, he’s made it his mission to open up his trading Dojo and share “The Way of the Trader” with others for years. Now, he’s developed his custom blockfolio automation and business intelligence services into a full fledged product called TraderPlan, which he is using to mint millionaires.

TraderPlan is a Discord Bot created for focused individuals who are literally moving the cryptocurrency markets. Whether you just want to get your feet wet or you’re ready to take your profitability to the next level, TraderPlan is your blockfolio management solution.

Cryptocurrency stands at a crossroads. Automating a good trading plan is a way for savvy businesses to make money overnight without lifting a finger. Designed for ease of use and adaptability, TraderPlan is poised to be a tool for blockfolio success, boasting multi-exchange support, wallet and profit reports, and three position planning based strategies. Visit the TraderPlan wiki for more information on how to integrate it into your cryptocurrency management.

It’s clear that disruptive technology is a driving force (or has the potential to become one) in just about every aspect of today’s world. And as tempting as it is to get swept up in tokenomics alone, there are plenty of other aspects to explore. Take the unprecedented rise of companies like Uber, for example: at once near-ubiquitous in people’s lives and yet free of traditional regulations, its success story indicates a future dominated by the rise of vertical economies of value at scale. Travis Savo is determined to be a part of this future through his creations. After TraderPlan, Travis looks forward to continuing his work on a myriad of profitable enterprise technology ventures.

On this blog, Travis Savo will delve into some of the most exciting disruptive technologies on the market today.